SafePace Guardian Speed Camera

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Airmaster Signs Traffic, Municipal Custom Signage

ArmorZone Portable Water Filled Barrier

OmniCube Sheeting T-11500 Series

Avery Dennison OmniCube (ASTM Type XI) takes full-cube reflective sheeting to a new level.  OmniCube full-cube prisms are nearly 100% efficient - returning approximately 60% of the available light back to the driver.  It incorporates the needs of all vehicle types, and it is the only Omni Directional full-cube sheeting that incorporates multiple tiles of prisms, arranged to provide uniform reflectivity at any sign face orientation.  "Smart at Every Angle"

Meets or Exceeds ASTM D4956-09 for Sheeting Type XI, Class 1 Backing.  Proven long term Avery Dennison prismatic product durability.

Pole and Tree Protection RAPTOR System

Radar Speed Signs

Sign Post Savers

Springy Post System

TAU II - Crash Cushion - Video 1

TAU II - Crash Cushion - Video 2

TAU II - Crash Cushion - Video 3