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What is Galvanized Steel?

June 1, 2016

Like most people, you may have heard this term but then again, maybe you haven’t. It’s a term used when it comes to steel. Everyone has seen a rusty nail at some point in their life. Galvanizing prevents that from happening. Now, you’re probably thinking, how does this affect me? To be honest, if you’re an average person who doesn’t care about such things, it doesn’t. That being said, the process of galvanizing steel is fascinating.

Let’s start with, what is it? Simply put, the steel is coated in a metallic-zinc coating which keeps it from rusting. Why do it? In business, this can mean a lower bottom line cost, less maintenance, it’s fast, durable and considering it’s the toughest coating for steel, it is the least expensive way to prolong the life of your steel. Airmaster’s sign posts are galvanized so you know that post is not going rust out on you.

How is it done? I’m glad you asked. Watch the video to see the process of galvanizing. You’ll actually see the difference.