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How to Choose the Correct Radar Sign

SGI grants are coming up! We have compiled a list of information to help you make an educated purchase of your upcoming traffic calming device.      The team at Airmaster partners with Traffic Logix to bring you the most technologically advance traffic calming devices.  TrafficLogix and Airmaster both have expert team members whose sole purpose is to help increase the safety of citizens across Canada, North America and the world.    We understand you want to keep your community safe at all times, both drivers and pedestrians across your municipality and city.   When choosing the right radar sign, one must look at the following criteria to decide which sign to purchase for the correct use:   1. Sign Display Size : The Ministry of Highways and Transportation of Saskatchewan requires speed radar signs to have a display size of 15" on highways. Meaning, if you are placing your radar sign on a highway, you need to choose a radar sign with a 15" or bigger display size. The FM15 is a suitable option.     2. Mobility: While all TrafficLogix's radar signs include a mounting poll and bracket, it is important to know in advance if you are planning on relocating your sign throughout the year. For example, during the school year one might place the radar sign around school zones, in which speed may be reduced.  However, when the school year ends, one might choose to relocate the sign to a park area, campground area, or other locations in which school kids or large groups of the population gather. If this is the case, one must make sure to purchase a seconday mounting plate, to allow the consisten relocation of radar signs year round.     3. Drivers' compliance : Research has found drivers are more likely to follow the speed limit on the radar sign if a message reading "Slow Down", or a simple smiley face :) is placed after the speed reading. This is not mandatory but something beneficial in especially fast intersections.     4. Budget: You want to choose a sign that gets the job done AND complies with your annual/ semi-annual budgetary needs. An array of radar signs with different price points are available from us at Airmaster. Where your money will provide you with the highest quality radar signs in the industry at a budget-friendly cost.      There are many variables to keep in mind when deciding which radar sign is right for you. If you are considering buying a radar sign or any traffic

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