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Radar Speed Signs: What are they good for?

September 1, 2016

Radar Speed Signs. You’ve probably seen then in school zones, like the picture posted alongside this post. This speed sign is in my area and while it’s not always on, displaying driver’s speeds as they zoom on by, it’s more than likely recording data. (You can view a sample data sheet on our website).


These radar sign are useful for collecting data as well as making drivers aware of their surroundings. This particular radar sign just happens to be in a school zone. While the speed doesn’t drop to 30 km, it is still a school zone. I’ve actually witnessed drivers adjusting their speed when they spot the radar sign. That, in itself, is an improvement.


So, how can a radar speed sign help you? There’s an interesting report you can read online. It’s a test, so to speak. Finding how traffic is valuable information, especially when it comes to keeping little children safe.


How do you get one of these absolutely fantastic signs? That’s the easy part. Ryan, our outside sales rep, would be happy to help you find the right Safe Pace Radar Speed Sign for you. If you already have one and need help, he’s the man to call.


Watch the SafePace Radar Speed Sign in action here!