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Doing it Right the First Time = Less Replacement Expenses

February 3, 2016

Just as having the proper signage is important, so it having it properly mounted. If your sign is not, all those things mentioned above, will be moot without a sign to direct motorists otherwise. Can you imagine driving on a highway such as the 401 in Toronto without road signs, or worse, signs that weren’t properly mounted? It would be mayhem, more-so than usual.


Road signage is important to ensure smooth traffic flow without bottle necks or mishaps. Road signs give out messages regarding the road and what you, as a driver, should expect on the road. If followed properly, road signs help in avoiding confusion on the road.  Road signs keep the traffic flowing freely by helping drivers reach their destinations and letting them know entry, exit and turning points in advance. Road signs, indicating turns, directions and landmarks, also help to save time and fuel by providing information on the route to be taken to reach a particular destination. Road signs are extremely helpful in:


  • Informing about the correct lanes to be taken thus avoiding bottlenecks caused by abrupt turns

  • Mentioning entry and exit points on main roads

  • Informing about the speed limit on curves and other sensitive junctions avoiding mishaps

  • Segregating heavy, medium and light vehicles on narrow roads and bridges

  • Promoting road discipline by reminding about regulations on lane discipline and overtaking

  • Traffic signs notify motorists of regulations, provide warning to potential hazards on or near the roadway, and provide needed guidance to destinations.


Don’t let your signs look like this one. Mount them right the first time. Contact us today for more product information.