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Climate Change and the Environment

August 1, 2016

Our coral reefs are precious and rare. Coral bleaching happens when the temperature of the ocean water is a few degrees above the normal summer temperature for longer than 2 weeks. Climate change has already risen the normal water temperature by 1 degree over the past century. This makes the water warmer to begin with. The coral is dying. Literally.


Obviously water isn’t the only thing being affected. Our normal seasonal temperatures are rising. These super-hot days in the summer, mild winter and storms that will knock your socks off will become common place.


You’re probably thinking, yeah, we’ve been hearing this song and dance over and over again. It won’t change in my life time…Just stay with me here on this one. It wasn’t that long ago, OK, 30 years or so, that winter in Winnipeg was COLD. I remember being bundled to the point of looking like a puffy pink starfish. It wasn’t just me though. My mom was bundled to. Think about this past few winters. Did you have to put on 3 layers of clothes to just go from the house to the car? I’m going to guess no.


It’s undeniable, our climate is changing.


I’ll be the first to admit. Recycling, not my thing. I dreaded getting those blue and black bins but I’ll tell you. Those bins forced me to recycle. Now, my blue bin is full and my black one is only half. Believe me, for me, someone who despises change, that’s huge.


Driving. What about it? It’s one of my all-time favorite things to do. Cars run on gas. Gas is extracted from oil in a refinery. Oil refineries produce toxic chemicals that are released into the atmosphere. They’re harmful to the environment and harmful to us. Do you remember when an electric car was just a figment of someone’s imagination? I do. I also never thought I’d see the day they became reality. Tesla motors has built one fine looking electric car. Granted, right now they’re a small fortune. One day they will be affordable to everyone.


In the meantime, there are small things we can do to help slow the effects of climate change. Airmaster is committed to helping reduce the amount of chemical and waste that can be harmful to the environment. We use solvent-free inks on all our signs. We also offer an aluminum recycling program. All proceeds are donated to various “green” initiatives.


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